Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going Home.

We had a fun time in CA while it lasted, but I am so glad to be home again!  Our trip was filled with fun stops and amazing sites...  You can see that all on my mom's blog ;) My favorite part of the trip though was getting to be home...  And guess what I got to do when we got there?!?!?!  I got to round up cattle for a branding!!  I was so fun and nerve wracking (keep in mind that I hadn't been on a horse in over a year), but in the end it turned out amazing!

 Me tacking up my grandparent's horse Rocky.
My little Cowboy Superhero saving the day by giving me a gumball...  Shortly after I stole a kiss for the ride ;)

And after the branding my mom and grandparents gave me my own horse Honey!!  Will show picture in the next post!

Thank you,

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  1. ahhhhahh...... I cannot wait to visit you I'm sure your super busy and will probably not see this commet but you look awesome in those chaps!!!! ;)