Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Mission Statement!

Our Mission Statement for #2crazyladiesandtheir13babies 

We are 2 homeschooling families from California and Montana meeting up for the trip of a lifetime! Our 2 moms along with us 13 kids are going on a cross country trip to share the gospel, make memories, and learn along the way! The budgeting, miles, stops, and fundraising has been planned in it’s entirety (well, almost) by the young teens in these 2 families. We are passionate about Christian Reformation. Coming back to God’s authority and absolute truth found in scripture. We want to see our generation rise up and become rebels for the Lord!! We hope to inspire parents to raise up their children as sharp arrows in the hands of mighty warriors. We will be traveling the following states: CO, KS, AR, TN, NC, KY, IN, IL, IA, NE Please contact us if you have a church youth group, MOPS, homeschool park-day or homeless shelter...that we could come to and serve or share. We have many topics that we are prepared to speak on: Apologetics, Purity, Modesty, Prolife, Creation, and Teens Doing Hard Things. Our moms also have much to share on juggling the large family and a raising of Christian families in today’s culture. We would also like to learn along the way so if you have a business, museum, operation, gallery etc. and wouldn’t mind teaching us a thing or two, we would love to hear from you!

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